Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, wine or blueberries can stain your teeth.

Smoking turns them brown and age or illness can dull them. Using a whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and flossing regularly doesn’t always help.

If you avoid smiling or are embarrassed because your teeth are stained or discoloured, London Road Dental Practice in Chippenham has the solution.

Teeth whitening is a simple, conservative and non-invasive procedure that can greatly enhance one’s smile. It is so simple that once we have set you up with the right kit, you’ll be able to do it yourself at home. The whole procedure is safe, painless and will not damage your teeth. Some sensitivity may occur during the treatment, but this quickly disappears after the whitening process is complete.

What is involved?

You begin your whitening treatment at the surgery and complete the course at home over two to three weeks. We provide you with everything you need to carry out the procedure yourself at home, making the process very straightforward.

During your first visit for at-home tooth whitening, we will clean your teeth and check for any dental problems. Once the dentist deems you a suitable candidate for tooth whitening, we take an impression of your teeth and use the moulds to make your whitening trays.

The whitening trays are fitted over your teeth with a small amount of bleaching gel inside them. You wear these trays overnight for 1-2 weeks to allow the whitening to take effect.

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to see the result. The treatment is applied according to the guidelines of the British Dental Association.

Your dentist will tailor the length and intensity of the whitening treatment to suit your particular needs.

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