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Melksham Dental Surgery

Nothing gives you confidence more than being able to flash a bright, white smile, which is why so many people in Melksham go to the London Road Dental Practice in Chippenham, just a few minutes drive away. We aim to be the best Dentists in the area and are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and the British Dental Association Good Practice Award.

Melksham dental patients are assured of a warm welcome in the relaxed atmosphere of the London Road practice, which prides itself on delivering superior treatment and first class customer care.

The London Road practice is pleased to accept new patients from Melksham for all sorts of oral health treatment, dental procedures and cosmetic work. Melksham patients can also become members of our payment scheme which allows you to maintain a healthy mouth very affordably.

Prevention is, of course, better than cure, so we take pains to advise our patients about oral hygiene and care of their teeth. Inevitably, though, things sometimes go wrong, and this is when we bring all our professional skills and techniques to bear to come up with the best treatment plan for each individual case.

The Practice has the latest modern equipment, and we use the best materials available, ensuring long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results. People in Melksham wanting high quality dental work need look no further than the London Road Practice in Chippenham for veneers, bridges, crowns, tooth whitening, orthodontics, dentures, implants, white fillings and much more.

Our staff – a team of six UK qualified dentists, four nurses and the receptionist – are all committed to making a visit to the dental surgery as pleasant as possible, even for the most nervous patients.

If you live in Melksham and are particularly apprehensive about visiting the dentist, it’s worth driving to Chippenham and consulting London Road Dental Practice because we can perform treatment under “conscious sedation”. This is a safe procedure that allows you to remain awake – drowsy and relaxed – but have no recollection of the experience once it is over.

Our caring approach and the fact that we take time to explain in great detail the work we recommend to be done, emphasising all the options available, has made London Road extremely popular with residents of Melksham who need dental treatment.

Call the surgery for an examination appointment on telephone 01249 446568, or email, and find out how easy it is to keep smiling.